Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shopping: Spiritual Warfare vs A need to keep women sane?

So I got paid quite a bit this week - mainly for doing time and a half over the easter weekend, though because my clocking in and out was a bit munted up last week so I suspect Im not getting all I deserve.
Well, anyway I felt I really needed a new jersey - preferably red as the one I currently have is falling apart at the seams because I wear it all the time. So on payday I went into town and headed into Shanton, which incidently is a fantastic store with trends that are consistently ok to wear. Compared to the horrendous things you see in Supre and Glassons these days. Plus they have sale racks out the back which have a lot of tops and jerseys priced 50% off. I didnt find a jersey but instead I found a really classy top with the empire waist I so dearly love that was marked 60% off. I got it for 15 bucks - what a bargain.

It looks a bit like this but its a black and white pattern made of chiffon:

Next I thought, hell, lets check out Glassons (while ignoring the cheap 80's designs) and see what they have and I found my red jersey! Well its more of a coat, but its made of the same material as a hoodie which it practically is except for the longer length. Its classy but you can also wear it with jeans and normal top underneath as I am right now, plus its really warm to wear. This coat was the other day $60 but when I went in it was sold to me for $40 - SWEET!!

The next thing I did still makes me feel a bit guilty as my boyfriend would call this irresponsible shopping, and he is quite right. But oh lord, when was the last time I had nice presentable clothes that made me look professionally respectable and NOT like a student living under the poverty line. I went into a store that really only attracts rich women over the age of 30. I went into Jaqui. E. Actually let me rephrase, first I stood outside the store for ten minutes staring at this awesomely classy top that was on display:

The one that I was drooling over, wasnt this colour but was more of a peachy white hue and it was displayed on a manequin with a simple black trousers. It looked stunning. Simplicity is what gets my eye - but it was obvious to me that this top was very good quality merino and was undoubtedley going to have an expensive price tag. I can see it now - Cody shaking his head in laughter thinking, oh shes so predictable... Im imagining him rolling his eyes while imagining me going "Oooh! look at that!!" and going off path.
Yeah yeah yeah, I went in. Asked the price. $90 (oucheee). And I ask those five magical words: "Can I try it on?" Heres Cody going "oh god, shes in too deep now!"
You know what my main thought was while trying on this top. Ooh mum is soo going to approve of this top! So much she'll wish she owned it! Theres a sinful thought - right there! God forgive me.
Well, the store owner said it was 20% off and if I applied for a free VIP card Id get a further 20% off. Well, why not? But me trying to be sensible - I still put it on layby as I had a lot of other things to pay for like board food and petrol - which I didnt think off til I left the shop. And altimately I came up a bit short. But dont worry - thats been fixed by the wonderful institution of studylink!

A few of my female friends think I did good - considering I got all these items marked down by a substantial amount. But I still feel slightly guilty as Im used to being in the mindspace that I dont deserve nice new clothes. But I think thats a psychological complex from my childhood and the way I was raised. And also, Ive taught myself that God provides all we need - and I got the very obvious prod that I didnt neccesarily need these things as it would encourage pride of myself and envy from others and would make me want more.

But at the end of the day, I think of the Patriarchs Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Men who were on Canaans millionaire list back in the day. They were so rich (riches given by god of course) that kings feared them. I think the lesson here is that I need to be even MORE mindful of how I spend not when Im poor but when Im "rich". And to remember that money is a frequent traveler (it always comes and goes). When we get a lot of money, we're so tempted to spend it in clothes etc which we believe we deserve for our hard work. Which I honestly believe is fair enough. But the clothes etc should ONLY be seen as a side bonus not as the goal for which the money is earnt.
I hope that doesnt sound to preachy. But Im always amazed at how God provides for me and that he does care about what we like.
Why last year on placement in Auckland I was nagged by my medical superiors to own a pair of nice shoes so clients would respect me more as a professional and not an inexperienced scarfie. They had a point, but I told them I couldnt afford any and that was that. Not that they didnt stop nagging me. I told my host mum about it and she said why dont you ask your Dad (she means God) for a pair. I thought that response was really rediculous, I mean to me poverty builds character and if old folks didnt respect me because of my appearance then I was quite happy to prove them wrong in my experience as an under graduate therapist.
But lo and behold, someone from church found out my predicament and handed me a new pair of shoes that they bought but then couldnt wear for some reason. Later that same day I went into Hannahs with my host family and the manager pulls out a pair of beautiful winter boots that fitted me perfectly (considering Ive got slightly mismatched feet) and cost the exact amount of money that I had spare in my wallet.
Coincidence? I think not!!

Alright I'm going to head off now, adios and God Bless!

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