Monday, November 5, 2012

Chicken + Bundt cake tin = Pure Awesomeness

Roast chicken in a bundt cake tin!

This is the most brilliant idea Ive ever been told. For some reason Ive never been very bright when it comes to cooking a roast chicken. I can cook a roast lamb, roast pork. I can cook a really nice steak perfectly medium rare, and my favorite - pan seared salmon with a bit of lemon and salt and pepper. I can do all of those well. But not chicken. This drives me insane a lot. Cooking yet another failed chicken is so depressing. Theres nothing so more humiliating for me than watching my Mum or esp my chef brother exclaim that theyre going to microwave the chicken I served them. Arrgh. Im like this in other areas in my life as well. When I was in highschool I was always known to understand complicated stuff but not get the easy stuff. I guess that carried over into the kitchen.

I heard about this from Pinterest - a website I joined that is all about sharing ideas on the web. It kinda resembles an online version of a pin board with pictures on it and theyre organised by theme like a collage. Hence pinterest. Pin - interests.

The link where I got this from gave the advice to do it for the entire time - for my chicken that would have been 94 minutes. When I got to the half way point (47 mins) I checked on it and I was happy to see it was looking fantastic yet slightly starting to go a bit burnt near the top where there was a bit of bone and skin sticking out, so I turned it back on the stomach and cooked it the normal way in a plain pan and I poured all the juices from the bundt pan back onto it and down the crevices. When it was done, it looked just like the picture above and it was the most perfectly moist tender (yet crispy on the outside) cooked chicken I had ever made. Did I just magically became an awesome chicken cooker? I don't know. But I certainly using the bundt pan again next time!!

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