Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rachael Ray's Summer Corn Fettuccine

Summer Corn Fettuccine

Above is the link for the actual recipe that I followed. 

It calls for fresh corn and fresh herbs. Its barely spring here in Vancouver so no fresh corn and I haven't quite had time to grow a decent amount of herbs so all I had was dried thyme and dried basil which I used (probably a little bit too much!) and a can of corn. It still tasted pretty good! Also I hate the taste and smell of bacon so that was out and I just cooked a bit of sliced ham from the deli and added it in.

The recipe in the book is pretty good. Nice visual cues with instructions. Bullet points. Not too complicated. Once you've made it successfully you can easily make it again without the book from memory. Easy to switch around ingredients for future use.

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