Monday, September 16, 2013

Eating ENTIRE contents of refrigerator by Thanksgiving....

You heard right. We are eating our way through the entire contents of our fridge/freezer. The timing is perfect. I was looking through the compartment freezer of our refrigerator and our deep freezer and noticed there was quite a few items that Ive had for 6+ months. Items like:

- One giant frozen turkey
- 3 containers of homemade chicken stock cubes
- Turkey and cranberry pastry turnovers
- 2 ziplock bags of fresh lime juice and lime zest cubes
- Ziplock bag of frozen masala curry paste cubes
- Ziplock bag of frozen tomato paste cubes
- Bag of frozen salmon portions
- Bag of frozen cod portions
- 1 small bag of hot dogs
- 1 whole lamb shoulder
- Filo pastry
- 2x ziplock bags of pureed pumpkin
- Lamb/vege soup x3
- Beef round roast
- 3x large packages of beef tortellini
- 2x bags whole wheat english muffins
- Japanese udon noodles (the ones that look like white worms)

And in the refrigerator:

- 1x large jar of pickles
- 1x small jar of corn relish
- Bottle of Japanese tonkatsu (meat) sauce
- Large jar of teriyaki sauce

Of course we have all the other normal stuff in our deep freezer like a tray of stockpiled chicken breast, ground beef/mince, cheap bread from sales and our recent summer haul of blueberries and blackberries along with regular weekly buys like fresh fruit and veges and milk and packaged pantry items. But the thing is, we need to really get through all the old stuff so Im now on a mission to get through that list with cheap and/or interesting meal plans. Im really into trying out new recipes too which I think is pretty much garateed with all the frozen lime I have. Thats going to be interesting..

So bring on the recipes!!

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