Wednesday, March 4, 2015

History TV

Ive been watching some fantastic stuff on tv lately, most have been WWII themed. Now having read a lot up on it Ive noticed that there are some gaps in the historical context of these programs not to mention Im aware that plenty of women got knocked up by Americans in the war but to me it appears that these producers went and took that fact and assumed that ALL women must have been pulling down their knickers in the war. I think this is a gross exaggeration, and speaks loudly that 21st century producers have to inject their over sexualised culture into any context. But hey what do I know I could be wrong on this, it wasn't as if I was actually there. Anyway here are the series:

'X Company': A refreshing Canadian perspective on WWII espionage. My only opinion on this show is, if one discovers a genius with photographic memory why wouldn't Canada send him off to Bletchley Park in the UK where he would have been of more use being a code breaker or something like that instead of sending him off to France to be a spy and having a nervous breakdown at the sound of gun fire? It seems a bit far fetched in my opinion but generally speaking Ive enjoyed the show, esp the female French-Canadian character. 

' Land Girls': A BBC series produced to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the end of the war. Ive rather enjoyed this series which features 4 women in various seasons and backgrounds of life join the Womens Land Army in the UK. In a nutshell, they fill in the farming roles that the men used to have. The only downside is how short this series is. And of course, it being a BBC series I love they they paint all the Americans as manipulative, charming, racist perverts hahaha. So typical of BBC to do that.

'Bomb Girls': Now I haven't watched this series yet but from the looks of it it looks like its about women working in a munitions factory, which I know a lot of women did in the war. I also know they faced a lot of harsh sexism and only got less than half of what the men were earning (although I think that is in part because they theorized men had families to support but then I wonder that the authorities didn't realise the women were most likely doing the exact same thing). And of course it looks like they added in lots of sex and a few good looking Italian men (hmm just like Land Girls, I see a trend here...)

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