Monday, March 26, 2012

Dream home

The essentials:

A rangehood. I didn't realise how much of a wonderful invention this is til I moved into a flat with my husband where the oven was place under our raised cupboards. We have zero ventilation, which makes the kitchen very steamy unless I open the window which works but sucks if you have to do it in winter..

Log burner. A log burner is awesome in and of itself. It doesn't
require gas nor electricity, and having lived through a 2 week
power cut they're bloody useful things. But, this is my honest opinion, before there were tv, I rechon this is what people used to watch in the evenings. And the only 'people' who maintain this ancient trend are pets. And I confirm this as a witness having watched my family pets contentedly star at what we called 'fire tv'. Plus theres nothing so therapeutic as having a wicked stacked firewood pile and being allowed to be a pyromaniac when building a fire.

Bath with clawed feet.
Steven probably wants a more modern jacuzzi type bath with jets, but thats his desire and this is mine. Old fashioned but classy - totally me. I like how the back tilts so you're in a sitting up position in a deep bath, plus I know if I were in that bath Id feel like a pampered Austen princess. A bathtub Mrs Darcy would approve of!


I want books to be the main visual focus and form of entertainment in my home not a TV. A plain shelf is not good enough, it has to be the floor to ceiling one with the movable ladder like this one and more space to put books. And the cherry on top would be a special comfy reading chair. Or even better would be a book youpull that rotates the shelf and reveals a secret little hideaway room (that resembles the Griffindor common room in Harry Potter).

Vege & Fruit Garden
That lady in the hat, happily focused at working in her garden - thats me in the future..


Dunno whose kids this is, but it depicted something I like - The idea of raising kids who are brave and intelligent enough to hold a chicken (something I have yet to do!) Plus their such cool useful animals. If you keep them in a 2m x 2m contained area area they will dig and compost a ready made garden for you! Then you can move their coop to another spot for them to dig and poop on. And of course you can fatten them up, kill em and eat em, or if they become too much of a beloved pet you can just use their eggs. One thing I also feel very strongly about is educating children on where their food comes from. And if my children regularly witnessed and partook in the respectful killing of an animal that had a fantastic life outside, they would respect the animal and their food more. People think thats old fashioned, but really modern Italian children witness that sort of thing everyday and they have a fantastic food culture.

I don't EVER want to see my kids playing war games on a stupid gaming console or computer inside. I want them playing war games outside. As a little girl, I was never interested in feminised play houses. My grandfather built my brother and I a treehouse at our family bach and my brother and I also frequented a local reserve and built several treehouses and 'huts' and we spent hours playing around and hanging out and exploring. Even if we never live in luxury or have a big house, a tree house affords more room for kids (who make the most mess) and would help a little house be tidier and bigger.

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Marjorie Brown said...

Your essentials are very specific. That should make hunting your dream home easy, or turning your own house into one, except with the tree house, of course. Although, I’ve heard about people building houses up a tree, I've never heard about a tree house that’s considerably livable for a long time. Anyway, back to your dream house, I hope you’ll get to have these essentials when you finally build one. Have a beautiful day!

Marjorie Brown @ Jamie Hooper