Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekend Starter

Heres a song to kick off the weekend by a Kiwi band called Zed who incidentally are from my hometown Christchurch and started at Cashmere Highschool. The album Silencer was released in New Zealand in 2000 and achieved Triple Platinum status and the song Renegade Fighter was the number one song of that year. They have other good songs as well that I encourage you to check out on youtube - Starlight, Glorafilia, 
Oh Daisy, She glows, Come on down, Hard to find her, Drivers Side.

Sadly they never made it past their second album "This Little Empire" which did pretty good as well within NZ but everyone knows NZ is not exactly the world stage of music careers, the US is. I don't know if they ever tried to enter the US or UK market, if they did they obviously failed up against huge competition from other garage start up bands. Though a word of note you may recognise someone familiar from their song 'Starlight.' Regardless of that, there are very few New Zealanders who don't think of Zed and their songs fondly and thanks to Rebel Sport ads that keep reminding us of them :D

Renegade Fighter - Zed

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