Sunday, October 18, 2009

I love you - so I lift my voice

My name Melody literally means 'beautiful sound/song'.
So how does a christian woman like myself who has limited vocal range think of this?
In the past Ive been really self conscious about it. I raised myself in an Anglican church where singing was done from hymn books and I spent a lot of the time lipping everything for fear of croaking and being heard.
Then I moved to Dunedin and joined an apostolic church where every one from very young children to sixty year olds sing and dance like theres some kind of heavenly mosh pit going on.

When I listen to my favorite secular music I try to sing it - I consider myself below average in talent.
But when Im in church, and Im filled with the Holy Spirit its like my opinion of my singing abilities are increased becasue I genuinely believe Im quite decent. And I think I am made decent because my singing is for me an act of love as well as one of obedience and submission.

My love for God through singing is truly a beautiful sound to him.

Of course it helps to know the music and words lol

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Anonymous said...

its even more amazing when the words to the song bring out your holy tongues and you start singing in god's/your holy spirit's language.