Saturday, October 10, 2009

Matthew 7: Part 2

Right so Im going look at verse 6

"Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do they will trample them under their feet - and then turn and tear you to pieces."

Dont have a clue what this means (must be my bedtime lol, my head aint working). As a humans we like to insult each other by calling each other dogs and pigs, but Im not sure if Jesus meant it as a human metaphor.. He wanted us to be loving no matter what right? Turn the other cheek ? Here is the same verse interpreted:

"Do not persist in offering what is important or sacred to those who have no appreciation for it, because your gift will not only be contaminated and be despised but your generous efforts could also be rebuffed and perhaps be openly attacked." -

OMG! So he actually was referring to humans as pigs and dogs! Well I never..
I do get why he said that. Sometimes I meet people who are so snarky about my being a christian and they want me to talk about why Im a christian yet I know theyre only asking me so they can have an opportunity to criticise something about Christianity and I can tell that theyre even not remotely interested or open minded about it and I end up feel like theyre encouraging me to walk down a closed dark alleyway. I usually walk away from those situations not even bothering.

BUT in saying that, how am I to know I wont have an affect on them? People arent going to change their minds over God stuff because of one conversation. It would probably take many more conversations. And also, I think many Christians might actually abuse this scripture. Maybe Ive done it myself - but when have you ever come across someone and you didnt bother sharing the love of God just because of maybe their job, their current lifestyle, their being of a different religion maybe?

Its a hard thing and it reminds me of a memory I have of the church I went to before I joined Southlife (Dunedin). I was going to Dunedin City Baptist Church (DCBC) at the time, and one night after youth group, the leader asked us to go out and pray over the buildings at the university. I thought to myself - meh why not? One person in my group then went a bit further and actually went up to every muslim they saw and demanded to pray for them. Because Dunedin is renowned for its medical school it should then not be surprising that getting a doctorate here would be popular with overseas students - and trust me theres a LOT of them. Largely asian and indian, the majority of them being muslim. But when this person actually started harrassing them I actually wanted to go up to them and grab them by their shirt and tell them to shut up and leave the poor guy alone. Seeing this kind of thing occur puts me off and actually scares me of evangelising to be honest.

I've always felt that theres a time and a place for that kind of thing (not harrassment lol but non bible bashing). I know for a fact that if its late in the evening, during an exam time, and a woman wearing a headscarf comes towards you with a "omg Im so knackerd and starving" look on their face - this would be NOT be a great time to say "Jesus loves you!" And then they go "F off!" Thats just silly! And it makes us think "man, so unappreciative.. ahh well soldier on aye?"
Better to just bide your time. As Jesus said, some discernment is needed - "I send you out as sheep amoungst wolves, therefore be as shrewd as serpents and as innocent as doves." (Matt 10:16)

You know when you pray to God and you know your gonna get three answers - No, Yes or Not yet. In terms of evangelising has anyone actually considered the 'not yet' option? God has plans for everyone regardless of the fact that they're saved or not. Who are we to tell whether or not its their time and we're the ones deciding?

I feel like I want to say more but my head is a bit bleh right now... Must go to bed - Nite all

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