Monday, April 22, 2013

7th October 2011 (repost)

So, this is a map of the multiple cities within the Greater Vancouver area with the region of British Colombia highlighted in green. The main cities are:

- Vancouver    
- North Vancouver     
- West Vancouver
- Richmond     
- Surrey     
- Langley     
- Burnaby
- Port Moody  
- Coquitlam   
- Port Coquitlam
- Pitt Meadows   
- Maple Ridge  
- Delta  
- White Rock

The main river is called Fraser River which goes forever more in another direction to the North East (I think). To view a bigger version of this map click on  the link below

Steven and I currently live in Port Moody (highlighted in red) with his parents. Its quite a small 'city' that just surrounds the end of what is called Burrard Inlet, that arm of water that comes from the Pacific. Its very pretty and more like a village than anything else. The one thing I love about the multiple cities is that you don't feel like your in a mega city thanks to the huge portions of natural forest in and around the cities. Port Moody as part of the Tricities (along with Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam) are known as Pomo, Coco and Poco). Soon, Steven and I will be moving into our flat in Port Coquitlam and because its such a mouthful to say Im relieved to used the name Poco. It sounds quite neat.

This is a fantastic photo (taken by Mike Chow) of what the north end of Port Moody looks like where we are currently living. Just a small neighborhood with a little beach and this huge expanse of forest behind it that never stops until you reach the arctic :D

 This picture is of Newport Village. This is pretty much the center of Port Moody where all the main businesses are, majority of which are too posh for my tastes. But if anyone in the family is desperate to get milk quickly, they usually go to the grocery store here which looks quite rustic (but expensive). Reminded me of what Big Fresh looked like in Chch. Theres also clothing stores, busineses and of course takeaways and Starbucks.

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