Monday, April 22, 2013

Road Trip!!!

Nothing special I know, just a meander into Bellingham, Washington. My agenda is as follows:

  • Drive into US, stop in first town (probably Blaine) and get myself a map book and some cheap gas!
  • Continue driving til I get to Fairhaven, Bellingham. Where I spend a few hours at Village Books and the Historic Village.
  • Drive to Bellis Fair Mall in north Bellingham - checkout the Target store there and use my staff discount card - woohoo! Wander around the other shops.
  • Leave Bellignham and drive north to Lynden. Visit their Dutch museum and bakery. Have lunch.
  • Drive back to Canada via Sumas on the border and continue onto Abbotsford and stop at the Christian bookstore 'House of James'. Definitely do some shopping there.
  • Drive back home via Mission on the Lougheed Hwy.

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