Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Iced coffee for warmer weather!

Iced coffee and iced tea have both quickly become my favorite drinks while living here in Canada. I think its definitely an American influence and although Im not a fan of corporate American food I do love discovering their homemade style of food and drinks specific to certain states.

Now that my two winters (in a row) are over finally! and the cherry blossoms have come out and the weather though still a bit volatile has faithfully provided me with some absolutely superb days that has totally renewed my good opinion of living in Vancouver I can return to drinking cold drinks. My husband of course being from Manitoba, thinks cold weather is the best for cold/frozen drinks esp a slurpee and didn't understand why I couldn't stomach a iced drink during the winter. Why he thinks so I don't know, I think its a bit weird.

So anyway, as a happy member of pinterest I recently started to peruse pins re to cold drinks and being a coffee lover I found this fantastic recipe courtesy of The Pioneer Woman
which I happily recommend. At first I thought she was crowing just a bit too much at her recipe but then I made it (specifically with the condensed sweetened milk) according to her instructions, then I waited over night. Thankfully I had a sunny day waiting for me the next day, I poured it into my mug, took a sip, looked stunned for a bit then looked at my drink and did a Joey rendition of "How you doin?" LOL. Seriously its THAT good.


The only down side had nothing to do with pioneer woman or her fab recipe but my own ignorance. Being from NZ, I had no idea how much 8 quarts actually was (the amount resulting from the recipe). Ive discovered it really is a lot!! So if like me you don't have a spare tank lying around like this lady to keep all that beautiful liquid in, its probably best to divide her recipe by 2 or 3....

Happy Spring!!

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