Sunday, June 16, 2013

Berry Pick'n time!

It's June, and I'm coming into my first summer of Canada and I'm really enjoying the weather this time of year thus far. Vancouver getting a huge amount of rain during the winter and spring is now getting increasingly warmer. The trees are now all completely covered with thick leaves including the odd tree with these giant fluffy cotton things on them that fall off and fly EVERYWHERE including up your nose and giving everyone including yours truly hay fever which is a first for me.

Ever since I first visited my inlaws in 2009 I have been so excited about berry picking. Right across from their house are a huge long line of giant blackberry bushes and that first visit in 2009 was in August so I totally missed out. And I moved here last September so I missed out last year so here I am in June watching the berry bushes sprout flowers, consistently warm/hot weather with rain once a week - it's perfect conditions and my hands are twitchy with the thought of going out there picking!

Today it being Fathers Day, Steven and I spent the afternoon with his parents. We went for a walk and I was happy to see a huge amount of huckleberries, salmon berries, blackberries but they werent ready yet and what I hoped to be blueberries or salal berries but My dad in law convinced me not to eat them.

On taking a walk the other day in a neighbourhood along the Fraser river (won't say where lol) we also found a huge amount of raspberry bushes going along the side of the road.

So in the next two weeks you'll hopefully see pics of me grinning gleefully with big buckets of berries to fill my deep freezer with. In the mean time if you live in BC here is some useful information and identification pictures to refer to on foraging in BC and other provinces courtesy of HERE for future use...

Happy Summer!

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