Tuesday, June 25, 2013

White Rock

A few pictures and tidbits from a trip to White Rock last Friday

"Pilots accustomed to flying around the area often refer to it as 'the hole in the sky', referring to the fact that White Rock is often bright and sunny while the rest of the Lower Mainland is covered by cloud."
This I found to be certainly true on my visit to White Rock recently. The lower mainland (that is all the 'cities' in and around Vancouver) were surrounded by some of the most darkest nastiest clouds I hadnt seen in quite a while. White Rock on the other hand was blindingly sunny and hot with blue skies and no clouds (this is if you looked south not north). There was a fantastic view to the US in the southeast and nearby islands that still are technically Canada's towards BCs capital Victoria and a few towards the south that belong to the US. 

One of the best things about White Rock from a tourist point of view - public carpark is easy to find and cheap. If you're traveling to visit on a lovely like this plan your trip on google maps and look for a small carpark on the corner of Victoria Ave & Vidal St. The parking meter allows $3 for one hour and its literally 30 seconds from Marine Dr and the pier.. Thats pretty good compared to most tourist spots we've visited. But of course, it being small its first in first served.

The other thing to look at if you're a bit of a history nut is the small Railway Station Museum (for a link to its website click HERE). They charge $5 per person to look in, and while I thought it was a bit steep for a one room museum others may enjoy it. I just didn't have the time.. 

White Rock also had a fantastic assortment of restaurants and businesses around the place but again we only had time to go into one place which I hugely recommend called Cones Creamery. They have gelato and sorbet and the prices are ok. But the nice bit was the guy in the shop itself. Some may find it cheesy but I found the owner/server to be the most chipper bloke Ive ever met. He had this huge genuine smile on his face and was singing very loudly (but very well though!) to Frank Sinatra which was playing on the stereo nearby. And because it was like an open ice cream bar from the outside you could hear him before you even stepped in. I admit, I also liked him because within a minute of hearing me talk he said - "Hey you're a Kiwi!"
He's now officially the 6th person since September to get my nationality right. Hip hip horray!
Because we didn't have time to see everything, HERES a great link to a fantastic website called www.hellobc.com. They have more info on all the other stuff thats in White Rock and the rest of British Colombia. 


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