Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Game of the Royal Way

I bet anyone who reads the above title is wondering "what the..?"
Its not really a game - its more like this test of faith experiment this guy called Brother Andrew did in the fifties when he was a poor student at a non funded missionary school in Glasgow. Heres a link to his story http://www.sermonillustrator.org/illustrator/sermon5/royal_way.htm
So anyway, I have this guys autobiography called "Gods Smuggler" and a lot of stuff in the book has been poking me in my heart lately, the main one being obedience to God. Im pretty sure Im not the only christian who does this, but I have a nasty habit of listening to Gods advice (which Im lucky to hear loud and clear most days), and ignoring it with my own plan which I think is ultimately better. I know I know, how stupid can I get!? I have been snubbing my one true parent who knows me better than anyone and knows how things will turn out far better than I do. Its not always been like this. In my teens I was a pretty decent soldier in Gods army. I didnt evangelise or do impressive sermons etc but I did have incrediable trust and faith in God which has worn off somewhat now that Im not suffering in a Job like manner besides other things.

So anyway, back to my main point. Im comming back slowly and while doing this Im trying to figure out what God wants for me this year. So when I wrote my goals for this year in a recent post I made a kind of contract about socialising more which Im getting a definite thumbs up from God - but as Pastor Paul told us last week - contracts with God often have smallprint that we humans dont bother reading. Well, I figured out this morning what the smallprint was about - obedience.

So heres my story so far this week. Last week I stayed with my family up in Christchurch. In order to do this I left my car on campus down here in Dunedin. Two days ago, on my last day in chch I remembered about my car and started worrying about the potential state it would be in when I got back (this is north Dunedin folks - a cheap but not safe worthy place to keep a car). So I started praying and on the day I traveled back down to Dunedin I made a deal with God and it sounded like this

"Dad, I know it was stupid leaving my car on campus for a week without a steering wheel lock but what Could I have done otherwise at 11am on a Monday? I had no money for a taxi from my house and finding a carpark was enough of a nightmare anyway. The likelihood of my car being towed, nicked, burgled, burnt is overwhelmingly high, SO I'll make this deal with you. If my car is safe and sound where I left it, I will do everything in my power to get myself to this church camp this weekend which I personally dont know if I want to go to. Even though I have two days to make $35 which I dont have and I am also (I think) due to start work this weekend. Thats about it. Amen, cheers."

So I get to Dunedin, and lo and behold! My car is still there untouched after being left for a week on one of the dodgiest streets in North Dunedin. I thought OH MAN!! Now I HAVE to go to this camp!
Freaking out but nevertheless pleased my car was still alive I drove to a bible study meet only to find it wasnt on but was otherwise invited by the occupants of the flat to partake in some eating of ice cream. Does Melody turn down ice cream? NO! :D Plus I got this very distinct feeling that God had his hand all over this weird meeting of random strangers.
Now seeing as I have two days to get 35 bucks and a sleeping bag, the first thing on the agenda I would have done would be to sort out if I could forgo any weekend work I was given - but no....
I was with these nice people chatting about camp when God poked me on the shoulder and said

"Oi ask them if they have a spare sleeping bag, you never know... (chuckle). I mentally poked him back saying Oi yourself, Im gonna look like an arse if I get a sleeping bag then have to return it cos work wont let me off for the weekend, besides why would they give a stranger their sleeping bag when they probably want to use it themselves. God poked me back and said Stop talking dribble and trust me on this. Trust me trust me trust me. I says ALRIGHT alright!! Gawd!! Yes? Oh sorry bad use of a 21st century colloqulism, should really stop saying that. Yes you should."

I bet you know where this is going. Yes I got a sleeping bag - a really good quality one I might add. Back in my car, I sang my favorite worship song. It didnt cross my mind til I got home that cars arent sound proof and I just laughed. And went to bed feeling good that God loved a sinner like me.

Part two of this story, continued on this morning when I was driving to poltech via work. I was having another squabble with God about what to say to work.

"Melody, you will be allowed to go. Yeah sure but I'll get a massive lecture in return for wasting their time on roster scheduling, maybe I should use the 'death of a relative' excuse. Well, daughter thats a pretty low way to go, and should you do it, your camping experience will be tainted by your guilt of how you got there in the first place - by lying. Drat.., Puh puh pleeease, God can you change their hearts about not wanting me to go? If you let them let me go, I promise to put up with whatever they throw at me so long as I can go. I was being a weak sod before, sorry."

The outcome of this made me more gobsmacked than yesterdays sleeping bag issue. My supervisor, who is exactly like my old supermarket supervisor - someone who could make my life at work pretty nightmarish if I pissed her off. I walk up to her and asked to talk about the roster, so she took me out back and what do you know, I dont even have to work on Saturday or Sunday, only Friday. I asked her if I could reschedule that friday shift, she said yeah sure how bout this Saturday?...

The moment of truth....

I uhh.. err.. cant work this weekend cos I have to go away for a church camp.
Oh thats fine, You willing to work Monday instead?

I can still hear God chuckling at me... I feel stupid lol.
Good things happen when you're obedient to God. Now THAT is The Royal Way

PS I'll let all you silent readers know what happens in my God quest to find money tomorrow.


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